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Barry Laminack has been writing and performing stand up comedy for only a few years now, but he’s been making people laugh his entire life (except Mrs. Sinky in the 3rd grade, she was a tough nut to crack). So in 2013 he decided to pursue his dream and get on stage. His rise from beginner to professional happened at lightning speed, and he was working as a paid comedian within a year of his first time on stage.

Described as “OK” by his wife, Barry has proven to be much more than that to crowds. His insatiable need to make people laugh shines through every time he steps on stage. Audiences respond with enthusiasm to his fun and hilarious perspective on marriage, pop culture and life in general. His easygoing nature and professionalism off stage make him a favorite of headliners and bookers alike.

When not on stage, Barry can be heard co-hosting a weekly sports talk show on ESPN radio in Houston.

Featured at

Hyena’s Comedy Club (Dallas, TX)

Hyena’s Comedy Club (Plano, TX)

Joke Joint Comedy Club (St. Paul, MN)

Joke Joint Comedy Showcase (Houston, TX)

Tripp’s Ultimate Comedy Club (Canyone Lake, TX)



Houston Improv

Addison Improv

Come and Take It Comedy Festival (Jan ’15)

World Series of Comedy (May ’15)

Best and Brightest Showcase (Joke Joint Houston)

WhateverFest (Nov ’15)

A regular on Couples Therapy  (Houston Improv – Monthly)

Houston Homegrown Showcase (Houston Improv) (Feb ’16)

  • Dave Landau
  • Billy D. Washington
  • John Wessling
  • Slade Ham
  • Andy Huggins
  • Rachel Wegscheid (Owner – Joke Joint Comedy Club (MN)
  • Ken Reed (Owner – Joke Joint Comedy Showcase (TX))