The Zoot Suit

Back in the day I used to get down and boogie-woogie as a break-dancer.  To be taken serious and considered a "legitimate" breaker though, it took more than just the ability to do the backspin, centipede or the robot. You also had to look the part to be considered "fresh". So as I got better [...]

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The Mummy

When I was about 7 or 8 years old ( I don't really remember my exact age) I told my mom that I wanted to dress up for (and win) the costume contest at school. So she came up with the idea to dress me up like a realistic looking mummy. She took a bunch [...]

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Tornado Alley

My arrival in Duncan, Oklahoma was altogether uneventful.  It’s a sleepy town by definition, with the biggest (and most popular) attraction being the local recreation center.  It wasn’t hard to find the Holiday Inn; it’s sits just of the main road leading into (and out of) town.  I parked, paid and headed upstairs to my [...]

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My Maid Anna

MEET ANNA When I was a kid, my single mom had hired a live-in maid to help her out around the house and serve as a baby sitter for my sister and me. She interviewed several maids until finally settling on Anna, A 375lb married woman from El Salvador. Anna was one of the sweetest [...]

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