How to Internet Safely

//How to Internet Safely

How to Internet Safely

I’ll never not be amazed at how gullible people are when it comes to information they find online. It’s mostly on Facebook that I see it, but it happens on Twitter, email, and hell even YouTube.

So this is my attempt to try to education you, the online idiot (yes, you too).

Here are some simple online rules to live by if you live online.

1. Never trust an article that ends with a “FREE eBOOK!”. Especially if all you have to do is provide your email to get it. What ever you just read is 100% bullshit.

2. Just because people are posting pictures of money doesn’t mean they are making a lot of it; it just means they took a picture of a lot of it. Big difference.

3. Speaking of money, if any of the following words are used to describe how to make it, run the other way:

system, program, method, secret formula, initial investment, money order, e-book, cd, free pdf, risk-free, high risk + high reward, “As seen on…”.

4. No, you can’t make money taking surveys, posting links, being a mystery shopper or sending emails.

5. Just because it’s a website doesn’t mean it’s credible. ANYBODY can start a “news” website and give it a credible look and feel. That doesn’t mean the information they post is. Check resources…and then check again.

And then don’t believe a damn word you just read.

6. No, there are not hot single women in your area waiting to meet and have sex with you. If, on the off-chance, there are those are called sex slaves and you should call the authorities.

7. You are not going to get abs in 14 days. That’s not how abs work. It’s probably going to take you at least 6 months to a year of being on a very strict diet and exercise program to even get to the point where you’re not a fat mess. Abs are going to take even longer. Anything else (and everything else) you are told (or sold) is bullshit.

8. Just because you saw an ad (or post) on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube doesn’t mean it “has” to be legit because they approved it. They also approved of making the money for the ad, they don’t give a shit after that. See #7 above for an example.

9. Many of the reviews you’ve read have probably been paid for by the company you’re reading up on. Unless it’s bad, then it’s probably just some pissed off asshole holding a grudge against that company for something really stupid.

10. Nobody is going to give you a free

[insert cool gadget (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Xbox, Playstation, etc..) here] just for “testing” it.

11. There is ALWAYS a catch, and it usually involves you giving up some (or all) of your money.

12. That’s probably a dude.

13. No matter what the email says, if it ends with asking you to “forward” or “share” it, it’s not true – and you shouldn’t. And while we’re at it, that one you read that talks about: gangs, robbers, soldiers, kids, home invasions, old people, veterans, a sheriff, Obama, Bush, The Republicans, The Democrats, Ron Paul and some disease you have never heard of is bullshit as well.

14. What ever the other political party is saying on a post,email or tweet is bullshit. Yes, that includes the political party you just thought was the exception.

15. If you agree with almost every article on a website that discusses politics, and said website really seems to hit home with your political views, chances are 95% of the stuff you’re reading is inaccurate, slanted or simply made up bullshit to further that site’s (and the political party it supports) agenda . That’s why you feel so good about it. I know you want to believe it’s true, but it’s not. Yes, even that one.

And that one.

That one too.

Sorry, but that one is also bullshit.

They all are.

16. Jesus doesn’t have Facebook, so you liking a post proves nothing and will not insure you get into heaven.

Internet safely you all and remember when it doubt, ignore it. And if you’re never in doubt, go back and read this post again.

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