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How to Internet Safely

I'll never not be amazed at how gullible people are when it comes to information they find online. It's mostly on Facebook that I see it, but it happens on Twitter, email, and hell even YouTube. So this is my attempt to try to education you, the online idiot (yes, you too). Here are some [...]

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The Zoot Suit

Back in the day I used to get down and boogie-woogie as a break-dancer.  To be taken serious and considered a "legitimate" breaker though, it took more than just the ability to do the backspin, centipede or the robot. You also had to look the part to be considered "fresh". So as I got better [...]

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My Review of FitnessVT.com – What You Need to Know Before You Signup

If you know me at all, then you know I'm a serial dieter (not to be confused with a cereal dieter, though that would be pretty bad ass). I've tried a lot of diets: Weight Watchers, the Sacred Heart diet, South Beach diet, Atkins, My Fit Foods Diet, The Men's Health Belly-Off diet and exercise [...]

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The Mummy

When I was about 7 or 8 years old ( I don't really remember my exact age) I told my mom that I wanted to dress up for (and win) the costume contest at school. So she came up with the idea to dress me up like a realistic looking mummy. She took a bunch [...]

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Tornado Alley

My arrival in Duncan, Oklahoma was altogether uneventful.  It’s a sleepy town by definition, with the biggest (and most popular) attraction being the local recreation center.  It wasn’t hard to find the Holiday Inn; it’s sits just of the main road leading into (and out of) town.  I parked, paid and headed upstairs to my [...]

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